Video 1 :: The Case of Sergio-Giuliani Nita: Accused, Arrested, and Seeking Justice

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Sergio-Giuliani Nita, a Romanian citizen accused of embezzling $58 million from the US
Treasury Department, was arrested in Zakynthos and detained in Greece on an Interpol red
notice. He has gone public on Twitter about his medical problems and wrongdoing by US law
enforcement. Sergio was wrongfully accused and spent two months in a Greek prison. Sergio
has never been to America, has never applied for an American visa and has never had a
Belgian passport unlike the one actually wanted. He is currently on the run. He has asked the
authorities to take action to end the injustice and is asking the media to support him. US
authorities have asked that his case be kept secret. Sergio-Giuliani Nita will return with more
episodes about his case, the trial in Patras and the decision of the Supreme Court.

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