Video 6 :: Challenging Injustice: Sergio-Giuliani Nita’s plea for Justice, Fair Treatment and Assistance

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In this latest episode, Sergio discusses the claims of the American authorities while
mentioning the US's insistence on keeping the case secret, which terrifies him. He describes
that his home was never searched and he was never searched at his known addresses (listed
in the warrant). Sergio explains that the arrest warrants were issued a few days before the
statute of limitations. He again refers to the issue of the arrest warrant which, while Clerk
Angela E. Noble is said to have signed it, however the signature is not hers. He ends up
crying out for help from the embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the courts and non-
governmental agencies dealing with human and civil rights. He urges the European Court to
review the arrest warrant, the Interpol documents and asks the competent authorities in
Greece and Romania to do the same.

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